JSC “QO’QON BIOKIMYO”. announces a competition for an audit in accordance with the International Standards for Auditing the Company's Financial Statements, compiled at the end of 2021 in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standard:


The competition is open to:

Auditing organizations with high rating indicators in accordance with the National Certification System.

List of documents provided for participation in the competition:

  1. Application for participation in the competition and the starting cost of the proposed audit services;
  2. A copy of the license to carry out auditing activities;
  3. Information about the auditing company;
  4. List of major clients and the availability of relevant experience in this area;
  5. Copies of qualification certificates of auditors and other international certificates;
  6. A copy of the insurance policy;
  7. A copy of the ISA certificate.

Commercial offers for participation in the competition are accepted in a sealed envelope until 05.22.2021

The choice of the audit organization will be carried out at the next meeting of the Supervisory Board of JSC “QO’QON BIOKIMYO”.

Address for sending commercial offers:

Republic of  Uzbekistan 150700, Fergana region, Kokand city, Mukimi town, administrative building of  JSC “QO’QON BIOKIMYO”.

For more information about the competition:

Phone: +998735154100

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Commercial offers received after the specified date will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

Administration of JSC “QO’QON BIOKIMYO”.