To the attention of shareholders of JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO» !

JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO» announces the holding of an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on November 28, 2020 at 12-00 pm
in the meeting hall of JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO». 
Address: 150700, Fergana region, Kokand city, Mukimi, FEZ «Kokand»



1. Approval of the regulations of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO».

2. On the implementation of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 12, 2020 №PP-4805 "On measures to improve the quality of continuous education and the effectiveness of science in the areas of" chemistry "and" biology "

3. Consolidation of shares placed by JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO». Approval of the procedure and conditions for the consolidation of shares.

4. Approval of the decision on the issue of new shares of JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO»

5. On determining the maximum number of shares issued JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO»

6. Approval of the new edition of the charter of JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO»


Registration of shareholders begins from 11-00 hours to 11-45 hours, November 28, 2020.
To participate in a shareholders' meeting, individuals must submit an identity document (passport), representatives of shareholders with a notarial trusted document, legal entities with power of attorney.

Date of formation of the register of shareholders entitled to participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders: November 24, 2020 year.

Materials prepared for the general meeting of shareholders can be found in

Telephone: 73 515-41-00

Supervisory board of JSC «QO'QON BIOKIMYO»