ANNOUNCEMENT of the contest for the selection of candidates to the executive body for the position of production director «QO’QON BIOKIMYO» JSC (KOKAND BIOCHEMICAL)

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Joint-Stock Companies and the Protection of the Rights of Shareholders” dated 06.05.2014, a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan PKM-356 dated 04/26/2019, “On measures to further improve the management system of state assets”, decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 6096 “About measures to accelerated the reform of enterprises with the participation of the state and privatization of state assets ”, the Corporate Department Code, the Charter of the Company and the regulations on the organization and holding of the head and deputy heads in the executive body of JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO», approved by the Protocol of the Supervisory Board of November 2, 2022 JSC «QO’QON BIOKIMYO» in order to attract specialists, announces a competitive selection of candidates for members of the executive body for the position - director for production.


Qualified specialists citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as citizens of foreign countries are invited to participate in the competition.

Short description: Director of production, is a member of the executive body of JSC
«QO’QON BIOKIMYO» , organizes the technical development of the enterprise, ensures the development of scientific and technological progress, as well as the improvement of technical services of the enterprise. Director of production is fully responsible for the management of production in the Company and confidently directs the production activities of the enterprise. Manages the issues of creating optimal conditions for the timely and quality performance of the production units assigned to them daily tasks in strict accordance with the approved order (regulations) of work, production technology of the products manufactured by the company.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.Manage the work on the operational regulation of the production process, ensuring the rhythmic output of products.

2.Organizes operational control over provision of production with technical documentation, including in accordance with industrial safety requirements for operation of hazardous production facility, equipment, tools, materials, components, as well as preparation of new types of products.

3.Provides daily operational records of production progress, fulfillment of daily targets of finished product output. 4.

4.Coordinates the work of subdivisions of the company, takes measures to ensure the rhythm of execution of production schedules. 5.

5.Provides continuous increase of the level of technical preparation of production, its efficiency, reduction of material, financial and labor costs for production, works, their high quality, rational use of production funds and all types of resources.

6.Control the actual consumption of steam, gas, electricity, water, bring the guilty persons to responsibility for each case of overconsumption of fuel and energy resources and water. Hand over all documents (acts) to the legal service for taking appropriate measures.

7.Manage the development of perspective plans of enterprise development, reconstruction and modernization, measures for prevention of environmental impact of the enterprise, measures for industrial safety of hazardous production objects, careful use of natural resources, creation of the most favorable and safe labor conditions and increase of production culture.

8.Organizes the development and implementation of plans for the introduction of new equipment and technology, plans for organizational and technical measures.

9.Improving and upgrading the Company's products, creating new types of products, equipment and technology.

10.Controlling the compliance with technological, design, engineering discipline, rules and norms for labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation and fire safety, requirements of the State Mine Technical Inspection, environmental, sanitary and other bodies.

11.Take measures to improve the organization of production, organize work to disseminate advanced manufacturing experience, improve the technical and economic level of production.

12.Coordinates work on inventive activity, standardization and unification, certification and rationalization of working places, metrological provision, mechanic-power maintenance of production.

13.The Department ensures continuous improvement of personnel training and qualification in accordance with the requirements of the scientific and technical progress, industrial safety requirements of the hazardous production facilities.

14.Supervise the commissioning of hazardous production facilities in accordance with the established procedure.

15.Monitor compliance with industrial safety requirements for hazardous production facilities.

  1. Coordinates the activities of technical services of the enterprise, controls the results of their work.

A member of the executive board who is a professional must have the following qualities:

Understand and support the goals and objectives of the society;

To represent the interests of the society as a representative of the society at the right time and when necessary;

Provide advice and guidance to the chairman of the society's executive body;

Commitment to the society values, decency, responsibility, independent attitude;

Knowledge in the field of corporate governance, finance, marketing;

Qualification Requirements:

Higher education in the relevant specialty;

At least 10 years of work experience in the enterprises of spirit and gluten production in different managerial special positions;

Knowledge of legislation, knowledge of normative legal documents and international requirements related to spirit and gluten industry

Possess knowledge, skills and experience in

- in the technology of production of enterprise products;

- profile, specialization, peculiarities of the enterprise structure;

- in the sphere of enterprise management, financial management, internal control

- in the sphere of corporate management;

Knowledge of normative-legal acts, issued by the current law, decrees, decisions and other state bodies;

Knowledge of legislation, relevant normative documents on production and management;

- In the rules and norms of labor protection, occupational safety, industrial sanitation and fire protection;.

To participate in competitions, you must submit the following documents:

-Handwritten statement;

-Autobiography (display in detail)

-Documents confirming professional education, work experience and qualifications, certificates;

-Copy of work book;

-Contact details;

-Photo 3х4 - 4 pieces;

The deadline for submitting tender documents is 30 days from the date of publication of this announcement.

The deadline for the tender is within 15 working days after the last deadline for submitting tender documents.

Proposals and data of candidates for participation in the competition are provided in a sealed envelope, with an application on the outside of the envelope attached to the application for participation in the competition.

Bidding documents are accepted at the address: 150700, Fergana region, Kokand city, Mukimi town.

Contacts for information: tel.: +998735154100.

Proposals submitted after the specified deadline will not be accepted for consideration.

Administration of JSC " QO’QON BIOKIMYO

24.11.2022 y