Gross domestic product of Uzbekistan grew by 7.8% during last year.

Gross domestic product of Uzbekistan increased by 7.8% in 2016, it was announced at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on 14 January with participation of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, UzA reported.

Growth of industrial output made up 6.6%, construction works 12.5%, retail trade turnover 14.4% and services 12.5%. State budget was implemented with a surplus of 0.1% to GDP. Inflation rate did not exceed forecast parameters and made up 5.7%.

Growth in agricultural production comprised 6.6%, production of fruit and vegetables increased by 11.2%, potatoes by 9.7% and gourds by 10.4%.

In 2016, about 32,000 new small businesses were created. Their contribution in GDP production rose to 56.9% and in industry to 45%.

Real incomes of the population, according to official figures, increased by 11%. About 726,000 people were additionally employed, including 438,500 graduates of educational institutions.