Regulation on the General shareholders` meeting of download

Regulation of Internal Audit Service of download

Regulation on the requirements to the form and content of managing and controlling bodies' reports download 

Regulation on Voting order on behalf of the management bodies of enterprises, where the company is shareholder (participant) of download

Regulation on the criteria of classification of information to the categories of confidential information and commercial secrets of download

Regulation of Corporate consultant of  download
Regulation of Information Policy of download

Regulation of Internal Control of download

Regulation of Order of actions in a conflict of interests of download

Regulation of Dividend Policy of download

Regulation on the Counting commission of download

Regulation on Minority shareholders’committee of download
Regulation on the Antimonopoly compliance system of download
Regulation on the Audit committee of download
Regulation on the Strategy and investment committee of download.
Regulation on the Anti-corruption and ethics committee of download
Regulation on the Appointment_and_remuneration committee of download